I create cosplays as a hobby based off of characters from Japanese animation (anime) & comics (manga). I wanted to create a website that assists cosplayers with their creation.

What it does

It is a website that saves cosplays that cosplayers are working on. For example, if someone wanted to cosplay Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean, they would create a "new cosplay" with the characters name and the series that they're from. Then they could add things like "supplies needed", "time until completion", "deadlines", and "reference pictures" to build the cosplay.

How I built it

I used w3.css and bootstrap documentation to create this website while also using CSS & HTML.

Challenges I ran into

Having to change programming languages multiple times & my laptop refusing to start an hour before submission. The laptop I used erased my files after restarting it, so all of my files disappeared.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to get so far while working by myself and refusing to give up when things got rough.

What I learned

I learned to reconsider my original plans and take it to a sompler, but still challenging level. I had to reconsider programming languages at least two times until I eventually came to the conclusion that

What's next for Cosplay Explosion

I want to upload this to a web server and make this available for cosplayers around the world to use.

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