What it does

We ran the CosmWasm unicorn task.

We have done the following.

Issued CW20 token using cw20-bonding with Bonding Curve.

Transferred the issued tokens to the DEX chain with the liquidity module via the cw20-ics20 contract.

List the issued token and native token pair on the DEX chain.

Create a swap request for that pool that has been created via liquidityd.

Send the CW20 token on the DEX chain back to the chain that issued it.

Burn the issued CW20 token to obtain the native token.

Challenges we ran into

Understand the relationship between contract and channel in IBC.

Executing contracts from contract.

Parameter settings for bonding curve and liquidity swap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

ICO-like token issuance is now possible using the Bonding Curve.

We can now transfer not only native tokens but also CW20 tokens using IBC.

We can now list our own tokens on Liquidity DEX. Buy them for cheap!

What we learned

How to handle the CosmWsam contract and liquidity module via IBC

What's next for CosmWasm (Confio) Unicorn Task

We plan to write an article on the content of this event in Japanese so that the Japanese developer community will be interested in IBC.

Based on this experience, we created our own contract that takes IBC into account. We created another project as "TokenMultiSender" at this hackathon.

Built With

  • cosmwasm
  • cw20
  • gaiad
  • ibc
  • liquidity
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