APIkit Cosmos Module


The APIkit module (apis) allows interactions with arbitrary api's from your cosmos app using this prebuilt cosmos hub module.

Going after the build a module challenge for the cosmos hackatom contest for increasing Cosmos utility and go to market.

Note this is a prototype/hackathon concept module.

Value adds

  • Easily make api calls in response to key events such as block starts or ends, arbitrary messages, or ad-hoc queries.
  • Perform programmatic access to other services such as other blockchains, third party api's (increase interoperability).
  • Provide a simple interface to configure a set of API-based commands even without detailed knowledge of go http or cosmos. Simply provide the urls and payloads and the module can take care of the rest.

Integrating with your project

  1. Add the /x/apis module to your app
  2. Configure the module with your external API's and desired parameters.
  3. Create subscribers to process emitted events.
  4. Edit or fork the module however you wish.

Running the project

go build -v ./...

Running tests

go test -v ./...

Dev notes

  • brew install tendermint/tap/starport
  • starport serve

Useful links

cosmos20 is a blockchain application built using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint and generated with Starport.

Get started

starport serve

serve command installs dependencies, initializes and runs the application.


Initialization parameters of your app are stored in config.yml.


A list of user accounts created during genesis of your application.

Key Required Type Description
name Y String Local name of the key pair
coins Y List of Strings Initial coins with denominations (e.g. "100coin")

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