The space simulator offers an immersive array of 3D experiences in space. User can orbit the planets in spacesuits. Ride in a spaceship over a galaxy/nebula , experience the blackholes, wormholes, lunar eclipse, asteroids and some other space phenomena closely. The application will act both as a simulator/gaming like experience for spaceships (where the user will control the speed and direction using a controller) and landers and also as a platform to gain firsthand experience of moon, red planet and asteroid belt of space using both real 360 degree footage and CGI . It will help astranauts in practice and also inspire interest of young generation in space exploration simultaneously providing valuable learning about space exploration. The application will also contain challenges and tasks to engage the user, like docking into a spaceship while moving (credits to interstellar movie) , maintaining a sustainable colony on a new planet, repair the spaceship, classic navigating through asteroids challenge and much more.


Models have been developed, working on the application features and functionality.


Basic navigation put in place, still scripting and animating the 3d models of spaceships.

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