Authorities mostly struggle during the crisis times to monitor the spread of the virus. Hospitals are over loaded and everyone is crying for help. In those times an easy to access monitoring system is what everyone is looking for to stop the spread further. On the other hand a tracing system to monitor the contact points of the covid-19 positive users will also be very useful to prevent further spread. Privacy of the data remains of the most debated issues for contact tracing apps and together with the specialist we are trying to solve these issues.

What is COSMOS

Covid19 Spread Monitoring System also called 'CoSMoS' asks users some simple questions like postal code, body temperature, symptoms etc. and based on these answers it predicts the condition of the user as normal, moderate and severe. If the condition is moderate, the authorities are informed about it immediately about c patient which may visit the hospital soon. Thus the hospitals will know how many patients are about to visit them in near future. But If the condition of the patient is Severe, the tracing system of the app will trace the patient and her/ his interactions.

How to build it

Well the app has two parts to it, monitoring of the spread of the virus and tracing of infected people. Thus we need to develop two front-ends (UI); one with simple questions for users and other for authorities to see the hotspot. We will also require to access either the Bluetooth of the phone or WiFi or the cellphone tower signal to identify its locality and position in real-time.


  1. Well the most challenging part was to compete the task we set our to do in such a short amount of time.
  2. Keeping the whole team on track and keep contributing from my side as well.
  3. While user data is important for risk assessment, keeping it safe and remaining trustworthy to the real user is challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. That we could assemble such an awesome team in such a short amount of time.
  2. That we could define our project, the problem, the solution, and relevant issues in such clear fashion.
  3. That we could accommodate other members who joined us late without a fuss.
  4. That we could work in such a joyful environment together and finish off the project.
  5. I guess the thing we, as a team, are proud of is that we were focused on data safety from the word go. We discussed with multiple mentors and GDPR experts the ways to fortify the user data.

What I learned

  1. That its really possible to start and finish off projects in time if everyone is committed to it.
  2. It's very possible to work together sitting in various different countries.
  3. Working with many mentors and learning form them by asking direct and concrete questions.
  4. All about GDPR and how complicated it is.

What's next for CoSMoS

  1. Next we present it to European authorities and authorities of different countries.
  2. We will continue working on the development of the app and improve few necessary features.

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