Update on Sep 20th

Deployed relevant contract to EVMOS Mainnet https://github.com/HackerSamuraiDAO/2022-EVMOS-Momentum-Hackathon/blob/main/packages/contracts/networks.json


I am inspired by the Cosmos IBC bridge security model and trustless architecture. And Also EVMOS can be a bridge between EVM and Cosmos Ecosystem, so NFT bridge to EVMOS has a large benefit in the entire web3 space.

This bridge is general and it could be a great infrastructure for the entire EVMOS ecosystem, and also good for NFT development.

Technical Detail is kept in Readme

What it does

We are building IBC based NFT cross-chain bridge on NFTHashi.

NFTHashi is a cross-chain NFT bridge powered by Connext, and we are trying to implement a more secure bridge.


How we built it

  • Forked existing NFTHashi frontend.
  • Did basic research and PoC for the IBC bridge
  • Try to implement IBC Bridge

Challenges we ran into

  • It was very difficult to relay the message from Rinkeby to EVMOS using IBC, actually, we only have done the PoC before the submission,
  • Some tools and relayer have but, and it was not working properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • This time I spend more time on research than development and tried to know Cosmos/IBC itself. This is my first time using Cosmos-related technology but I went through documents and youtube videos, and now I have a firm understanding of EVMOS, Cosmos, and IBC.

What we learned

  • Learning how Cosmos works, Learning how EVMOS works, Learning how IBC-related tools work.

What's next for Cosmos IBC NFT Cross-chain Bridge with NFTHashi

  • We are trying to keep the development of the IBC bridge between EVM to EVMOS.
  • We want to integrate Polkadot and Avalanche too.


  • Rinkeby is depreciated within the original submit deadline and new submit deadline
  • I deployed the contract to Mainnet and register the connection to the bridge, but that is not integrated to frontend.

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