Inspired by and Hyperledger Indy, which are identity system with W3C DID standards running on top of blockchains. But veres-one is using its own blockchain. It's hard to maintain and inter-operate with other networks if you implement your blockchain. With some experience on Cosmos Networks, I prefer to use the Cosmos-SDK with starport as a framework to implement it.

What it does

After many approaches and studies on Decentralized Identifiers (DID) spec, I got achievement of having DIDs and DID documents generated from the @cosmos/launchpad. Also try on tendermint/Sig and many other crypto library during the hackathon. It also supports universal resolver driver to get resolving DID documents easier.

How I built it

Starport from tenderment is so powerful for building up a cosmos-sdk node with a x/did module available for any other user to start with DID support.

Challenges I ran into

During the trails, I had try to use tendermint/Sig to do the sign and generate the public keys, but it not the same result as cosmos.js or cosmos/launchpad. The biggest challenge is have to use golang and javascript to get same codec and encryption is tough.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can implement DID solution on top of cosmos network very quickly. It's so exciting.

What I learned

So many new thing and technologies I had learn this time, such as to use Runkit to test javascript packages and how to access wallet of cosmos.js and many kind of codes and crypto formats.

What's next for cosmos-did

I will keep working on it. I believe the self-sovereign identify is the future. It still have a lot of thing to do, such as generate verifiable credential, the workflow of verification and the way to issue the claims.

Built With

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posted an update

Anyone like this topic, please join me for this side project. There should be a lot of applications using DID for login, DeFi, claims verification, etc. DID is just a start point of global identification standard, we need to engage it with blockchain as many other blockchains already have.

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