The idea developed during our so called “Proto-Fridays”. On these days we develop small prototypes and if an idea sticks, we'll flesh it out and rework it until it's ready for production. A huge inspiration was Elite (2) and that there wasn't a real space trading simulation that appealed to us since then and most space sims are to dry and unpersonal, so we decided to have the crew as a main element.

Our target user is male 20-40 and has a huge interest in sci-fi and simulation like Elite. But the quirkiness, humour and style will also be appealing to female gamers who like life simulation games like The Sims.

We're proud of a lot of things and how all features work together, but the overall style which aims for a 60s 70s sci-fi look and feel is something we're really proud of.

About the game:

You will be an aspiring captain on the hunt for fame and fortune. Are you ready for some hilarious adventures in outer space? Cosmonautica combines elements of space trading and life simulation to create an unique experience. Only if you take good care of your crew you will be able to succeed.

Do you have what it takes to become the best space trader, bounty hunter, pirate or how ever you would like to call yourself?


  • You are the captain of a small washed-up space cruiser. Assemble a well functioning crew and build a flourishing space company. Success and failure depend on your decisions.
  • Explore the galaxy and pursue intergalactic trading in dynamic and random generated solarsystems. You are able to trade different kinds of goods and some rare and illegal stuff, too.
  • Take care of your crew. Only if they fit together well and are satisfied, you are able to get the optimum out of your space company.
  • You can have up to 8 awesome crew members who work mostly autonomous.
  • Assign and prioritize the tasks of your crew members, like a real captain would do it.
  • A huge variety of rooms to equip your ship in any way you like.
  • Hold exciting space battles against enemy space ships. The well planned structure of your space vessel and the abilities of your crew are key to success.
  • Beautiful and alive space stations. This is the place to be, because pretty much everything revolves around these trading hubs.
  • Play pre-built scenarios, measure your skill in public challenges that are running worldwide or just built own scenarios and challenge your friends.

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