In today's world many people are unaware about asteriods.Asteriods are both hazardous and unhazardous.So it is necessary to know about the hazardous asteriods which are near our planet Earth. So we have fetched API with the NASA-api service using python and displayed more about the asteriods like its name,km-per-hour,potentially hazardous or not and so on.

What it does:

The python library requests sends request to the URL and returns in the form of json with the help of python json library and with that json , we pass some parameters to get our required value like name or distance or other things.

How we built it:

We built it with HTML , CSS and for fetching apis we used nasa-api , and we used python for fetching the data from the API.

Challenges we ran into:

Actually, we have planned to implement using Django but due to some unpredictable errors in the rendering server, we are unable to implement it. So we have planned to write the python program in jupyter notebook and show the data which we have collected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

We are proud that we have completed the project on the stipulated time.

What's next for CosmoGalact:

We are planning to implement the collected data on the website using the Django framework very soon.

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