A new hope for life has emerged as the universe collapses into the Dark Rift, the remnants of ancient civilizations and astonishing forms of life are still fighting for supremacy.

What it does

It's a Real-Time Strategy video game where you command your own fleet by sending spaecraft into a battleground to destroy your opponent's base.

How we built it

With so much love, dedication and perseverance, Unity3D with C#, JavaScript and Motoko for the real time multiplayer

Challenges we ran into

To create real time gaming servers from scratch on Blockchain for the first time ever

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally got the multiplayer working in real time and it can be as fast as the blockchain

What we learned

Learned a lot about how to use smart contracts and use the blockchain as any kind of server to validate operations in the most secure way possible

What's next for Cosmicrafts

We want to design and create our Game NFTs, by using Unity .prefabs as standard model to translate that into smart and evolutive contracts

Built With

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