I am really passionate about bringing data connectivity to people that live in areas where data infrastructure is non existent.

What it does

Call a number and it describes it to you!

How I built it

For Twilio, there was no way to play a sound or record while on call. So what we had to do was create a conversation and then have another twilio number inject itself into the conference and play a sound if necessary and record what is going on every 10 seconds.

Challenges I ran into

Had to create a whole architecture around playing sounds and recording while still on a Twilio call using a different phone in conference.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was probably the most complicated thing I have worked on and I'm really glad we got it to work.

What I learned

Linear Algebra is super useful in computer science! I am pretty much an expert at the Twilio API now. How fast fourier transforms work. How Hamming codes work!

What's next for Cosmic Wave

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