Our Company, 405 Found, was founded with the sole purpose of improving Mankind’s existence using technology while still respecting the boundaries of nature. We want to improve our existence, by going even further into the depths than ever before. After all, we are all born explorers, aren’t we?

But we mustn’t forget to take care of what we already have so that when we venture into these new worlds we will be prepared and not make the mistakes our ancestors made. That is why we are pushing for not only perfection in the future, but sustainable perfection at that.

We wanted to answer a question. And it was how far can we go.

405 Found consists of Keertan Somasundram, Dhruv Raval, Angad Singh, and Shivam Dave. Together, we will explore further and faster.

What it does

This is our incredible Cosmic Shuttle. It is made of a variety of incredible materials and over 3000 assets which took a very very long time to complete. The ship may look very nice, but it's what is on the inside that counts.

As we said before, the space shuttle includes very sustainable energy sources. Not only is the ship’s electricity powered by solar panels (which have a built-in artificial light in case not enough is generated), but we are using Metallic Hydrogen as our rocket fuel, which is almost 22x as powerful as the leading ones today. This is our hydrogen generator and this is the machine which creates metallic hydrogen.

If you would like to really dive into the science behind everything, please visit our website, which is linked in the google drive, youtube description, and devpost.

Of course, we couldn't not talk about the fantastical Cryo Pods. These pods house one human each and are a techinacal marvel, because of the freezing cold temperatures, the body goes on an induced hibernation. The realistic thing about it, though, is that every two weeks you will need to wake up from sleep as you cannot go your entire journey just sleeping.

We have an app with this plan as well, it contains all the passengers on the ship, which pod they are in, and important information like the vital signs.

Again, if you would like to know more about the crazy science behind all this, please visit our website, as it goes much further in depth.

How we built it

We used 3D CAD software to model the ship and pods We used EchoAR to model it in real life and see the inside of the ship We used Arduino to demonstrate the solar power We used Wix to create a website with all of our info We used adobe software to create our video MIT App Inventor for our API

Challenges we ran into

Exporting the video was very very difficult as we could not get the right quality but we still pushed through and got the video. We had to screen record and trim the video.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Researching and actually understanding Harvard and NASA articles. We also learned huge concepts such as rocket fuel and carbon footprint calculations.

What we learned

Lots of things, including metallic hydrogen, artificial sunlight, and more.

What's next for Cosmic Shuttle - 405 Found

General improvements to the CryoPod as well as quality of life improvements for the application.

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