Prediction market is always centralized, which isn't as transparent and get into a lot of lawsuits

What it does

Prediction for everything from sports to stock market, whenever the result is challenged we can go into resolve phase where people can challenge the result and stake their own coin, to let the public voting take place. We essentially putting 2 prediction market into one single marketing

How we built it

** market phase **

  1. open new market
  2. allow bet
  3. someone bets (record them)
  4. market closes (by time)

** resolve phase ** condition to enter phase: time

  1. get data from oracle
  2. determine the result and record it condition to end phase: time

** challenge phase ** condition to enter phase: time, someone triggers it

  1. someone stake their coin and challenges
  2. anyone can now submit a vote condition to end phase: time

** vote phase ** condition to enter phase: challenge phase completed

  1. anyone can stake their coin and vote

** distribution phase ** condition to enter phase: time

  1. determine the final outcome if (challenged) update the final outcome according to voting results distributed the staked coins (in challenge and vote phase) according to votign results. distribute coins according to result condition to end phase: when everything in the phase is executed

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Cosmic Prediction

Built With

  • lotionjs
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