During the time of corona virus pandemic , a strange fear have developed into people's mind. The fear to get infected with corona virus and die. So to educate people about corona and not to fear from it , we tried to came up with the idea of making 'CORX'. We wanted that people should also have fun while learning so we added an AR model of Corona Virus. People is suspicion of having corona can clear their doubts by contacting the help support. To bring positivity we wrote an article about the impact of corona virus on environment. As many people know although corona is dangerous for people but its very beneficial for the environment. For entertainment purpose we also added a mini-game.

What it does

CORX is an educative page which informs the user more about covid-19. It displays different symptoms of the corona virus, how to be protected or live safely, etc. Our project provides the services such as -Covid-19 Tracking in which the user knows the total number of affected people, total deaths, due to Corona Virus and total number of people recovered. A covid-19 risk assessment scanner and a corona helpline number for Indian patients. To make the learning a bit interesting we have also added a colorful AR model of Corona Virus. Many awareness videos are linked, health news and even a game related to covid-19 is added to the project for fun. Although Covid-19 is dangerous for humans but it has proved to be very beneficial for our mother Earth. We have presented an Article on the impacts of covid-19 on our environment. The article states how the corona virus is helping the nature to heal itself. We tried to provide education, fun learning, being safe from covid-19 on one side and even benefits of covid-19 on the environment on the other side at once.

How we built it

Actually we used tools like HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Echo AR. We just started making the main page and we collaborated like adding header , body, footer and we have also included a lot of Bootstrap components like cards, carousels, dropdown...etc. Then we made all other pages in the same way and linked to one another. We have also learnt about EchoAR through the Makespp tutorial and also made a corona virus AR model with it.

Challenges we ran into

The implementation of headers, footers and body with JavaScript components was itself a big challenge when we collaborate. Making a AR model , for the first time was another challenge to deal with.. We got a lot of challenges implementing the bootstrap components, as it did not provide the exact output as we expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came to learn using blender and to make AR models. We also overcame 99% of the challenges faced for making this web app. We also learnt a lot about Bootstrap components as we didn't have experience implementing it before! So, we're proud of these..

What we learned

Where to begin...!? The process of making this app has been a hell of a ride for all people involved! A Hackathon in the midst of a lockdown, everyone at home while working all together at one project is very demanding and we are very proud of what we achieved in such a short time!

What's next for CORX

CORX is ready to go further: We want to make this happen!

The goal we want to achieve in the time to come is the following:

To educate the people about COVID-19 and also insisting them not to fear from it. We want the people to be safe and also have a good knowledge to handle Corona. We want to create a Corona-free world and also importantly COVID-free India!

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