One of the biggest problems in America is how slow it is for social change to occur. This is especially true with polarizing issues, where it becomes extremely difficult to change one’s perspective.

Corvus aims to fix this problem by challenging people’s beliefs through nontraditional means. Through our discussion and game process of encouraging open-mindedness, we hope to challenge our users’ beliefs and allow them to understand the other point of view on some of the country’s most divisive issues.

Ultimately, we wanted to take a more empathetic, fun, and human approach to get people to consider other perspectives.

The primary challenge with this project was implementing authentication. We first tried using the Passport.js middleware in our Express backend. After realizing that it wasn't compatible with Cloud Firestore, we switched to Firebase authentication instead. Following that, we spent a lot of time trying to write GET and POST requests to connect the backend to the frontend.

We faced a similarly large challenge in the design process when trying to think about how to implement the game aspect of the program. On one hand, the game needed to be persuasive, which could be best accomplished through a personalized experience of a worker in a simulated economic system. On the other hand, we wanted our game to be bipartisan, and cater towards challenging both beliefs, which may be better with a large scale game such as running a country and choosing their economic system. Ultimately, we settled on a middle ground where the game puts the user as a leader of a village. This way, the user could simultaneously experience empathy for the struggle of their citizens and large-scale struggles of maintaining a smooth economy.

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