Inspired by how people are self quarantined in home and nearly restricted do to various productive things such as gym, working environment and face to face chat

What it does

Cortyna comes as a solution to provide an integrated application that provide those 3 things in an single app. Workout tips, Podomoro Clock, and Let's Chat Live chat

How I built it

To create the live chat app, we use back end framework for node.js, express accompanied by that provides live interaction between client side and server side. To create the podomoro clock, we use React to design the UI .. To design the workout tips, To design the landing page, we use basic html css vanilla js and bootstrap4

Challenges I ran into

We have challenges to create a calendar app that we previously want to include, but due to some late bugs, unfortunately, we doesnnt have much time to deploy it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have created an integrated app that provides numerous functions that can help people who are needed and also succesfully explore and implement new stacks

What I learned

I have learned to using as a portal between the client side and server side, while concurrently enrich my understanding towards node.js and express

What's next for Cortyna

We are really looking into our next planned launced calendar app

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