This submission consist of 2 pull request:

1. cortx-js-sdk

an infrastructure to facilitate cortx integration with javascript/typescript projects


Javascript is one of the most used languages in the world, According to StackOverflow.

This makes total sense, as we can run it in the frontend , backend , mobile , wearables , cars or even... fridgeders!

By making CORTX and "Object Storage Technologies" (which are traditionally ruled by DevOps or backend engineers at best) available for frontend, mobile and fullstack engineers we open new doors for CORTX and the millions of developers in the JS ecosystem.

2. cortx-myDrive

a demo project utilizing cortx-js-sdk to create a self hosted google drive on top of CORTX


In this day and age, privacy and "owning" your own information - matters! Enterprises may choose a self-hosted solution for a well-known software, and some might go as far as hosting their own servers and infrastructure.

We provide a self hosted solution for a remote data drive similar to "Google Drive" and "Dropbox", which can be useful both on an enterprise and a personal level

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