The mayor contribution of CortxPortal is to facilitate the file transfer in a unifying API/state-manager. Most IPFS and Cortx tools demand coding skills. This web/mobile app uniffies both and is available to everyone.

What it does

The user can download his files from IPFS using the CID and chose an existing bucket inside his Cotx cluster to upload it.

How we built it

Leveraging the power of NextJs and Redux for webrequests

Challenges we ran into

  • Exposing private access tokens in the browser.
  • The Cortx file system on cloudshare was highly unstable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A stable proof of concept, up for grasp for everyone.

What we learned

How to connect complexity and simplicity in a single interface.

What's next for CortexPortal

Future version will hold:

  • List deployed files from CORTX file-system 📦
  • User authentication with FileCoin wallet📦
  • Connect to user-specific bucket 📦
  • Invert bridge 📦

Built With

  • cortx
  • ipfs
  • nextjs
  • redux
  • s3
  • tailwind
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