Gender expression is diversifying and with that comes new or less previously used options for addressing people in our day-to-day correspondence.

Kimberley likes writing long form communication and enjoy using a variety of salutations and letter closings. For some time she has been referring to an old site kept alive on the web archive called Letter Closings .com for some of her correspondence with its collections of “creative goodbyes”. She was inspired by a need for easy to find standard business greetings and sign offs but also more friendly versions for corresponding with friends, whilst maintaining inclusive options.

What it does

Takes input from the user to find appropriate greetings and endings to correspondence based on the context, and style the user needs to use.

How we built it

The application is built with HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript and a peppering of jQuery.

Challenges we ran into

Creating toggle buttons that could cancel each other out was a new challenge.

Creating copy text buttons was new.

Creating results dynamically with jQuery was also new.

Structuring the text strings into an easy to work with data structure was particularly difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully working with json and jQuery with little experience.

What we learned

The biggest lessons have been creating a complex json object in which to store the result strings, and dynamically creating content using those results. Not only that, but Kimberley also learned to remove those results when needed for the next query.

What's next for Send with Pride

Kimberley would like to add media queries to make the web application more awesome for desktop. There is also plenty of scope to add a wider choice of message greetings and endings, make the recommendation system smarter, and make those copy-text buttons pretty.

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