Interest in visualizing the correlation between various social-economic factors and climate change. Other visualization tools can generate choropleth maps, but not correlate different datasets and does not have as much data as we have.

What it does

Correpleth combines custom geospatial temporal data by correlating two variables, or simply displaying a single variable, and generating a choropleth map per year. Using this tool, one can visualize global climate change correlation with social factors. Moreover, it can easily be adapted for new data.

How we built

Scraped multiple government and international databases to compile custom datasets on:

  • temperature (1901-2015)
  • rain fall (1901-2015)
  • World Happiness Report (2006-2017)
  • Infant Mortality Rate (1960-2017)

Programmed data merging applications to combine the datasets from various sources into a uniform standard.

Used ggplot (google maps api) for plotting choropleth coordinate data

Built With

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