The pain of trying to remember something but being unable to google it.

What it does

Corpus is a new approach to search engines: it pulls in all of your data through plugins, allowing you to recall information with only the faintest query. It brings far more context to your searching experience.

How I built it

Corpus is a mac app written in Objective-C which subprocesses plugins (currently written in node.js but language agnostic in design) to query your data based on natural language input.

Challenges I ran into

  • Listing and making sense of the sqlite databases full of text messages from iPhone backups.
  • Designing plugins to be versatile.
  • Interfacing with GroupMe and searching efficiently.
  • Making such an unusual interface for a mac app, with a nonstandard interface and a global hotkey.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting past all of the above challenges to make a working product in only 36 hours.

What I learned

About various APIs, node.js, and mac apps.

What's next for Corpus

More plugins, UI refinements, the Mac AppStore, and profitability.

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