Our own workplace to be honest. Having table tennis table, table football table etc. in work is really fun, but without any system of match making or scoreboards the games become pointless and boring. It is also hard to track how often do we play, who we lose to and who we win against. Because of these reasons and many others we decided to change current situation and make our chill rooms at work more fun and competitive.

What it does

The AGHacks version is only a prototype and offers basic functionality. After creating an account and signing into the app you can add your own company to our platform. By doing so, you become an operator of the company's profile and you are free to create and customize a league for your colleagues. For now we offer a several predefined sport types such as table tennis, 8 ball pool, darts etc. After adding a company and creating a league you can invite your co-workers to join them. After it's done you are ready to start adding new matches to the system. Each match result consists of a winning and a losing team. The 1vs1 match configuration is also allowed. All results are stored in our database and they are available for all league members. The main feature per league ranking which reveals the best and the worst players in the season and won and lost matches counters for each person. The scores are calculated using ELO system which assigns a proper amount of points to user basing on their previous game experience.

How I built it

The core of our platform is the server application implemented in Python, flask. The application stores all users, matches and results and calculates all standings. For users, we have implemented mobile apps for iOS and Android phones.

Challenges I ran into

Our team was lacking a front-end developer and because of that we were forced to put all necessary operator-side functionality into mobile apps which was really demanding, when comes to UI/UX aspects. And of course it made the whole development process much more stressful and time-consuming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The greatest accomplishment is that we managed to implement 100% of what we had planned at the beginning of the hackathon. It works, it not crashes and we are very proud of how smoothly it works and how cool it looks. The biggest surprise however was successful implementation of back-end side application, because none of our teams members works or ever have worked as backend developer.

What I learned

We definitely improved working as a team in a highly stressful situation. We learned how to overcome both technical and non-technical problems, like tiredness. Moreover, We now know how should one plan a project or change those plans in a run if situation needs it.

What's next for CorpoWars

There are lots of options, but here are some main ideas for future versions of CorpoWars:

  • Adavanced league creator - so you can add any type of game to the system you like,
  • Making it profitable by offering several premium features and in-app purchases for single users,
  • Integration with Slack, Hipchat etc,
  • Push notifications for better user experience,
  • Match making - so players or teams are automatically paired for matches,
  • Betting system - a little of not for real gambling might make :)
  • More then only ELO ranking system (i.e. TrueSkill),
  • Scores statistics,
  • Tournament modes,
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