Corporate Slav

We started this game with the idea of converting it to JS and making it a webapp at the start of this Hackathon. Quite a few bugs and workarounds later, we have learned a lot.

All of us have dabbled in Java in the past, but most of our members have had a far from extensive experience with it. We all learned a lot at this Hackathon, and though our project is far from finished- it is working. One of our members is working on a Java to JS converter (mostly working) written in C and it is now located in the linked repository.

We did run into a few problems here that made things difficult (cough bluescreens cough), but we got two of our members into using GNU/Linux in order to get back up and running. For half our team, this was their first Hackathon ever. The Melee tournament and cup stacking were very enjoyable additions to the event.

We all had a great time. Thank you for hosting this event.

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