Bitcoin and all the other corporate coin memes

What it does

Manages transaction ledgers for multiple nodes, representing a corporation, each with multiple streams, representing different currency. It handles granular permissions between nodes, concurrent transactions, different currencies on many nodes as needed.

How we built it

With Python, Flask, MultiChain, Savoir

Challenges we ran into

The best way to structure and organize the nodes, and dealing with transactional metadata, (like the transaction description). How would the operating model work?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a working flask app that can easily issue and transfer any type of currency, grant granular permissions to other nodes. Avoiding proof of work in favour of round robin consensus allows this system to run without burning through electricity and shows that blockchain, although overshadowed by cryptocurrencies, has a wide range of disruptive uses.

What we learned

Start early. Don't leave a majority of the work for the last 12 hours.

What's next for CorporateCoin

Getting bought out by a nameless corporation.

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