Making the quintessential HubSpot Theme.

What it does

We wanted to build a theme that a designer or marketer could take and do just about anything they want without the help of a developer by their side. This theme is built for customization, performance, and accessibility all packaged up with great looking defaults.

How we built it

Using both the HubSpot CLI and the Design Manager, we started off with big dreams of creating a theme that could look like any kind of design. Even including light and dark modes and multiple theme presets.

Challenges we ran into

Making time to work on our theme in the middle of client work. Typical agency life I suppose.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Keyboard accessibility and performance metrics we spent a ton of time on and we think it really paid off.

What we learned

We found lots of strange HubL quirks and tried to report most of them in the HubSpot Developer slack.

What's next for Modern Pro

Building the rest of the modules that we have on our list that got cut from the product due to the contest deadline and building many more example templates.

Built With

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