I took inspiration from the COVID-19 map created by Johns Hopkins University. One evening, I looked at their map, and suddenly it occurred to me that there was no such application for iOS yet, and I could make one.

What it does

It takes data from the API and shows markers on the map where COVID-19 was confirmed. Also app have separate screen with graphs.

How I built it

All app was written on Swift. For taking data from api I've used Alamofire.

Challenges I ran into

I promised myself to make this app in 3 days. I worked 3 days in a row and slept only 5-6 hours a day. I am very pleased with the end result!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I participated in many hackathons. Took one victory for the travel app and won 500 euros. I also took part in the largest hackathon in Russia. I am proud of all my apps, they are all on github.

What I learned

I improved my knowledge of working with API and maps.

What's next for CororaMap

Need to make more different graphs and show information not only by country, but also by all cities.

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