Dealing with the alarming circumstances of COVID(coronavirus) an outbreak in large numbers, experts suggest that social distancing has been used for a long time as one of the methods to curb or reduce the spike in diseases and infectious illnesses.

What it does

Apps and innovative solutions like our app (Coronout), which promote the same idea can help authorities make the population aware and save lives. Along with the social distancing feature that intimates you if you are in a radius of 6ft from a person, our app has a variety of features by helping our client with the symptoms and prevention to be taken to stay safe during the outbreak of coronavirus. The app has comes with a Docbot to give answer user doubts on the current situation. The app helps track the outbreak stats. It can help people stay safe and adopt necessary precautions in some areas where there are cases that are booming also it helps stop or prevent community transmission to an extent. our app updates our client with the daily COVID reports and all sorts of news related to the virus. Along with updating our client, our app has promoted to reach out to the vulnerable section of our society by adding the feature of donating through providing the daily items to the needy.

How I built it

  • We first laid a layout of what it should look like
  • Then we drew it
  • Then we mocked the UI with Figma
  • Then broke down the layouts
  • Then made the UI in Flutter
  • Then configured API
  • Settled up services
  • Then integrated
  • Tested
  • Debugged

Challenges I ran into

Being new to a lot of things we faced certain issues while working on this hack, some of them areas follows-> 1) Contact tracing integration - When we were trying to implement contact tracing by using Bluetooth rid of nearby devices the connection of the native level was a great hurdle, at times the device was not able to scan any nearby device and at certain times it just went into infinite scanning loops, with a lot of research over this we internally controlled this random behavior by putting the functions into an abstraction the layer which then passes the search results to the native layer. 2) Matic Integration - When it comes to blockchain we had absolutely no knowledge on how it works, we took out some time and got onto the web to explore blockchain, with nearly 3 days of constant work we were able to understand blockchain, etherum and Matic network as a whole. The implementation followed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Social Distancing is done through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and also we created public grocery stores database, such that the public could the shops by themselves and figured the theoretical portion of contact tracing.

What we learned

We learned mostly about blockchain, Bluetooth low energy devices and figured the theoretical portion of contact tracing.

What's next for Coronout

  1. Contact Tracing The Algorithm was developed, the only problem was implementation in a given time frame, which could be solved with proper research to get maximum accuracy and security. So, it will be established by storing the relevant data and when infection occurs messaging every suspect throughout.
  2. Improvement in Social Distancing Social Distancing uses BLE, which consumes more battery life, so we need Bluetooth optimization, such that battery life could be saved up. Also, along with vibration and alert, we are researching a way to predict where the signals are coming. This will be integrated with E-pass service, to help people travel in need.
  3. Integration of Crisis Communication using Blockchain In the App, we have an SOS feature, which needs to be integrated with blockchain to maintain the security of private messages, and also avoid pranks.
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