Major communications improvements are needed to improve the time it takes to provide lifesaving respiratory critical care equipment to patients when needed, and to ensure that the equipment is configured properly upon delivery.

How it works

We focused on solving a simple problem: Improving communications, deliveries, analytics, and management of respiratory equipment. We provide a managed system for respiratory equipment delivery requests, where requests may be submitted, acknowledged, managed, and tracked to delivery and completion.

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Challenges we ran into

We had to come up to speed fast on the needs of the Respiratory Therapy department and craft a solution that can provide immediate assistance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We provided the URL and password to clinicians that use respiratory therapy equipment and got great feedback, including:

"It will definitely improve patient care, especially for critical care patients in the ICU" -- MICU Attending MD

"It will help efficient patient care with quick responses, especially providing critical care life support equipment" -- SICU RN

"A major improvement from our current paging/request system, in which we currently experience delays and errors" -- Respiratory Therapist covering ED

What we learned

We learned there is a great need for improvement in communications in the delivery and management of respiratory therapy equipment.

What's next for Coronis - Respiratory Equipment Delivery Scheduler

We've made a great start, with a working, functional application. The next steps would be to add features like integration with NYP's single-sign on, calendar integration, and TeleTracking integration.

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