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In 10 days, the infected number grew to 14K+ when immediate quarantine actions were being taken already.

“Because the virus may give no symptom for 2-14 days, many people downplay certain symptoms and continue with their normal activities that influence others. ” - East China News

“Some people may just have a normal cold or flu at first, but in the process of lining up in the hospital due to confusion and panic, they catch the virus.” -China Post

Many people in China become extra wary of their health conditions, while many other are unaware of which symptoms could suggest a possible infection of the 2019 Coronavirus.

What it does

  • Local Virus Update and Personal Health Trend
  • Daily Check-in and Pre-Diagnosis
  • Similar Cases Matching
  • Creating Daily Events and Receiving Guidance
  • Community Evaluation with Collective Data

How we built it

Backend & AI Learning: Backend API with Google Cloud VM Multi-layer Neural Network with Tensorflow for coronavirus prediction Backend Server with Django Web Framework Data Analysis with Pandas and Numpy Frontend Development: iOS, Swift, SwiftUI, Combine Product Design & Prototyping Sketch, Principle, Aftereffects

Challenges we ran into

Scope Creep: We began by designed complex features that we end up finishing a fraction of which. Data Collection: We need to spend a great amount of time looking for reliable data source in order to train our neural network for improved accuracy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully developed, trained, and deployed neural network that could provide an accurate estimation of user's health index and their correlation index with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

Successfully developed a full-blown iOS App using SwiftUI, Apple's new declarative UI framework, also integrating the power of the new language features of Swift including Property Wrappers, Custom View Builders, and Apple's new framework Combine.

Successfully envisioned and designed a viable and desirable product that has a scalable effect and user flow.

What we learned

A good user interface design would lend more ease to the users and the developers to navigate the app and achieve the app's goal. A well-informed data set can produce more accurate and informative feedback on the health conditions of the users. We should never give up. There is always a way to achieve our visions and goals.

What's next for CoronaX

Beyond guiding the public through 2020’s Novel CoronaVirus situation, we aim to be at the forefront to combat any future global health emergencies. At times of uncertainty, we want to guide people through by giving them the power of knowledge and health-awareness in a safe community. We want CoronaX to be an extensive model for all types of transmissive disease, to raise awareness of diseases in the general public, and in the long run reduce the stress of the medical system.

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