Most of our group is from China, so we want to do something that would allow us to stay informed about the Coronavirus.

What it does

Use web scraper to track up to date information about the virus and used a google maps api to show visually how it is spreading throughout the world.

How we built it

We mainly used java fro the back end. Javafx for the front and Jsoup for the web-scrapping

Challenges we ran into

Connecting the google maps API to the front end to form a visually appealing software

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WebScrapping, Utilizing Economic regression model to predict the spread of the virus, successfully using google maps api.

What we learned

Learned how to Web-scrape and connecting Google maps within our software.

What's next for CoronaVirusTracker

We want to be able to get more accurate data from the internet so that we can give our users a better understanding of where the coronavirus is located within each country.

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