Our team have been locked at our homes throughout most of 2020, like many others people around the world. And now ,when the lockdown rules have become less strong, we want to travel around the world, so that was a main reason to make this map.

What it does

As it follows from the name, our app is simply builds a route between two countries according to each country entrance restrictions

How we built it

Back-end:An api which Runs on IIS server with ASP-NET-CORE with usage of Google api for sheets Front-End: An interactive SVG map , html5/css, javascript + jquery

Challenges we ran into

During the hack we faced a lots of key challenges. Some of them have been succesfuly overtaken and some havent. For example, as a team of back-end developers we are struggling with front-end development. So, we still havent found out how to properly draw line between svg objects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our fast-working and efficient backend api. We are also proud of solving front - end problem. We found our simple design very attractive and user-friendly.

What we learned

Our team have aquired lots of skill in front-end. We have learned how to use javascript properly and do the html markup.

What's next for Coronavirus Travel map

We are looking forward to develop our project in future.

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