• Other websites provide nationwide visualizations of coronavirus data, but it is difficult to find county-specific information about the prevalence of the virus. ## What it does
  • Allows users to visualize a variety of coronavirus statistics at both the county and state level.
  • Users can view an interactive map and table of case, death, new case, and new death counts for a specific day, or can view a time series plot of a county or state over time. ## How I built it
  • Frontend written in React with bootstrap for css
  • Backend in Node.js to maintain an accurate and up-to-date Firestore database
  • minor parsing scripts written in Python ## Challenges I ran into
  • the repository got messed up at one point because we switched from class-based to functional React components ## What I learned
  • React
  • git push --force ## What's next for Coronavirus tracker
  • Adding safety and prevention information so that users can get the most accurate information about how to protect themselves, their families, and their friends
  • Running ads so we don't go broke from all the firebase queries
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