Provide scientifically accurate informations to health practitioners about covid-19

What it does

Place health practitioners in digital simulation to learn how to take the right decision

How I built it

With my serious-game software

Challenges I ran into

Health simulating serious-game, immersive learning, juicy learning, better than boring learning, to assimilate scientifically accurate informations and put into practice.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Customer satisfaction, materialized by registration for new serious-game.

What I learned

Avoid too long serious-games, in the current situation where healthcare professionals are very busy.

What's next for Coronavirus serious-games for health practitioners

On date, 3 short serious-games to health practitioners are available, in french language (pictures attached) English version planned for the second serious-game on the subject : "how to put on a breathing mask, how to remove it safely" We need partners to expand in foreign languages and foreign countries, to translate and introduce to foreign health practitioners. Our software an digital tools are able to create serious-game in many languages : french, english, german, spannish, italian... but texts translation needed. Attached, a link to try our french version covid-19 serious-game on our digital plateform, after following the link, clic on "Connexion anonyme" English version coming soon on the website

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