For this project, we got our inspiration from the various live counters on the internet, but we wondered how we could make this information even quicker and easier to access for everyone. Thus, we thought that an app would be the most logical answer. Next, for our workout aspect of the application, we got our inspiration from people, including us ourselves, not being as active as they used to be before these drastic times emerged. Through a motivational way, we can make sure users stay healthy and fit during these unprecedented times. Last but not least, we also will be giving a considerable portion of profits made to charities and hospitals that would need capital resources to function correctly during the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Challenges we ran into and how we built it

This is an Android application with multiple activities, Java WebScraping with Jsoup Library, telling the time of action and use JODA to wait 24 hours later to make the action available. Using StringBuilder to extract information from the timer in order to for the user to redeem points. Some challenges faced while developing this application are we have used LinearLayout for our activities, which isn't compatible with all android devices with different screen sizes, so we had to make widget elements super tiny for the phone in order to make them fit on the device.

Another challenge is algorithm bug involving logic; we had trouble redeeming the points, without messing up the user's time, and a bunch of other Runtime error, which caused us to remove all the global variables and set them local in each scope. Another difficulty wasn't on our end; it was the source of not providing information; there were three countries, so we had to do the manual calculation for closed cases and percents. Since Java is Object orientated, we had to do a lot of conversion between the variable, so it wasn't "1"+"1" = "11".

What it does and our team

In this project, our team learned how to coordinate well with each other, along with obtaining new skills such as hosting a web application and designing the user interface and experience. Our project is tremendously important in the world we live in today as we need the user to be aware of the danger of the massive Covid-19 outbreak and be mindful of what is going on around the world. As users can check at any time, it relates to mobility as it is very portable. To add on, this project is easily scalable as foremost; it is the first app on the market to offer these types of services to people all over the world. Thus it would not be a challenge to get this application in the hands of people everywhere. Last but not least, we deserve to win as we are very young hackers in grade nine, and we are very passionate about computer science and how it can help the world in its entirety. With lots of experience from self-learning and having a logical mindset, we hope to flatten the curve and make the world a much better place to live in.

What's next for Coronavirus Counter and Workout App

In the future, we hope to expand this project into iOS as then it will be in the hands of people around the world. To help obtain this goal, in the future we would like to have an iOS developer alongside us to launch this on the App Store. Furthermore, we would also like to set it out into the Google Play Store and test the app out with users all over the world. But as of the time it takes to upload it into the Play Store, we were not able to do it at this time. On the other hand, we are very confident that this will be very successful in the future to come.

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