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What it does

In the game you need to ask people to stop moving to slow down the spread of the virus and "flatten the curve".

How I built it

I coded everything from scratch using plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

Fine-tuning parameters so that the simulation looks realistic.
Update: Trying to keep up with suggestions I've been getting on social media :-)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Many of my friends tried it and shared the first version already.
Update: Now many of my friends give feedback and help design new features!

What I learned

Check my video to find out :-)
Update: There's even a second now:
Update: A third is coming up really soon :-)
Update: Third video is out:

What's next for Coronaville

Version 2 just came out, working on version 3 already. Spoiler alert: it will include toilet paper!
Update: Version 3 is out and it has Toilet Paper! And social distancing.
Update: Version 4 is on its way.
Update: Final version (4) is out! With many new features like:

  • objects that can be infected
  • masks for protection
  • a clinic
  • and few others: play and find out what they are ;-)
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posted an update

New version is 80% ready and will be done roughly 3 hours before the deadline. Without spoiling any of the new features, I can say that it will have 10 levels, each with a unique setting that will require different strategies to get the optimal score :-)

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