Being employees ourselves in the field of health and technology services we noticed serious problems that occurred because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Health System malfunction, the easy and fast transmission of COVID-19, the late and, lots of time, invalid diagnosis of COVID-19, the inclusion of the healthy population in their homes, the lack of direct communication with medical staff especially of the vulnerable groups from their home, the difficulty of transportation and the lack of intensive monitoring and evaluation of chronic diseases are among the main problems that we evaluated and tried to give a solution.

  • We have forgotten about the 800,000 million deaf people in the world, the social exclusion they already experience and the pre-existing difficulties in communicating with the system on health issues.
  • We have forgotten about the questionnaires, algorithms and protocols (ICPC2, qSOFA, APACHE II Score, BCRSS, CCI, mSOFA, RESP, PSI / PORT, MuLBSTA, etc.) and how they can interact with eachother.
  • We have forgotten about the mass population alerts in case of an emergency. Only recently, in Greece, we started using that kind of services (112). We offer the same but with the use of SMSes.

With the help of telephony and communication providers symptoms and vital signs can be recorded and printed on an interactive map, in an hour, for the whole country with an SMS!!!

What it does

Our proposal consists of the creation of an ecosystem that allows the connection of the patient with telemedicine and interaction platforms by sending a single SMS. The patient does not need to download any application. The patient receives SMS messages from health providers, friends, health agencies such as the Ministry of Health, municipalities, etc. The SMS contains text and a link which points to encrypted forms modified on a case-by-case basis. Through these encrypted forms the patient fills in his data as well as a complete record of the vital signs and symptoms following the ICPC2 protocol. Upon completion of the forms, the telemedicine service is automatically opening and the doctor begins the teleconference, having complete information about the patient's condition.

The results are printed on an interactive heatmap, creating a "live" disease monitoring platform in each geographical area separately and giving us the ability to take immediate actions. Coronation aims to stimulate and improve communication and psychological support between people by creating an innovative prevention and communication system aimed at rewarding, recognizing users and crowning them as Coronation Champions. A powerful tool for smaller or larger communities that can be used accordingly for the benefit of public health.

What we offer

For the Patient: User friendly, no need to download any application.

  • Valid and prompt record of symptoms based on ICPC2 protocol, recording of vital signs, Introduction of examinations (files, image and video), recording of sound (coughing or breathing whisper with electronic stethoscope)
  • Direct communication through telemedicine systems
  • Information, Interaction and psychological support with relatives and friends
  • Access to an interactive risk map
  • Automatic activation of services such as ambulances, home care, etc.
  • Automatic guidance at the nearest health station or health provider, depending on the recorded symptoms
  • Ongoing Telecommunication in case of illness (telenursing)

For the doctor:

  • Quick Evaluation of an incident during a teleconference.
  • Continuous monitoring of patients at intervals and per disease.
  • Automatic completion of protocols and algorithms while completing symptoms and vital signs from the patient and evaluation by the physician.
  • Creation of special questions and encrypted forms with the needs of the doctor. New forms can interact with pre-existing form according to the fields the doctor needs to examine. Creating new protocols, algorithms and statistics.

For the community: Interacting with each other by sending evaluation questions through "interest SMS". A user can send an encrypted form to all of his friends to show them that he cares and to learn about their health. This helps the patient's psychological support so as to indicate their psychological and physical condition. The user who sends messages of interest to his friendly surrounding, has an incentive to be recognized and declared as Coronation champion!!!

For the health system: Rapid access to real-time data and their mapping to an interactive map for quick decision making, traffic restriction and group sending of warning and informational messages according to disease, age, etc. Real-time risk prevention for specific population categories such as immigrants or incoming tourism.

For special groups: We assess the real need of disabled special teams such as people with deafness and create modified forms of communication with an automatic support mechanism.

For travel insurance safety: We evaluate the importance of mobility and health coverage of the population. Travel insurance companies can integrate their client's entire medical file and use it when needed. Depending on the customer's need, assistance mechanisms are immediately activated (such as ambulance, home care, telemedicine, drag Delivery, etc.). Each assessment is based on the regulations and the network set by the insurance company. Immediate update of patient file and medical report, as well as addition of exams and files. The insurance company has access to the interactive map with the requests and the nearest health providers. Statistical results and procedures such as tele insurance and tele underwriting are provided.

For businesses, municipalities and regions: Creation of MedSpot. Pharmacies, shopping malls, Super markets, hotels, factories can install a QR reader device so that the employee or customer can display his/her card with a specific QrCode and activate telemedicine services and assistance services. The user fills in the fields that interest him/her and through an algorithm his/her health is evaluated and is directed to the appropriate health provider according to the data he/her completed (Health - evaluation Telemonitoring).

The impact of the solution on the crisis

Early and valid detection of symptoms per geographical area and its spread is a key element for each country, including the movement of population to other countries. The immediacy of recording symptoms with an sms enables rapid quality and statistical evaluation in huge population groups including the elderly. The immediate interaction of the system with different services, health providers and organizations provides a complete solution for the management of possible COVID-19 cases, organized assistance, decongestion of the health system and ensuring public health. It allows, with simple mechanisms, the use of technology to support doctors in terms of time but also in terms of the quality of services and the use of algorithms and protocols with features and results that were not imagined. Providing continuous assessment of incidents through their home, with telemedicine systems and telenursing services create a shield around the spread and treatment of COVID-19. The interaction of people with each other and at the same time their psychological support completes the possibilities of Coronation.

  • It adapts to the needs of people with disabilities and special illnesses separately.
  • It interacts with mobile nursing units and home care services to assess possible COVID-19 cases in their home.
  • It automates and allows interactions and algorithms to interact with each other, without many tedious questions.
  • It is multilingual and is modified according to the needs and legislation of each country.
  • It can interact with each other and synchronize with other applications.

How we built it

We used several frameworks and technics. Some of them being Angular for the frontend, SailsJS for the backend and firebase for the database structure. We hosted our applications on low latency, high quality Greek servers to ensure lowest response times and maximum stability.

Challenges we ran into

In a rapidly evolving society, we have been called upon to transcend ourselves and turn dilemmas into challenges. The specificity in the management of the sensitive personal data of the population and the observance of the special instructions of the EU for the guarantee of the conditions of use of the collected data constituted the motivation for the creation of this platform. From a technical point of view, although there are several solutions and the level of protection they provide is satisfactory, however, we were called upon to take into account performance issues in each case, as long as the quality of services is maintained in the telemedicine services. Security solutions should not affect performance, functionality, performance and speed. It is also important that security measures make it difficult or delayed to access critical information and burden the healthcare provider who is in charge of providing medical care. On the other hand, the complexity of the interaction of the teleconferencing platform with the health providers as well as their familiarity in this field led us to address and generally solve multiple technical challenges and issues.

Accomplishments we are proud of

In a short time we have been able to connect technology with Medical Services for emergency management and treatment, due to COVID-19. We have managed to simplify the process by which the user can communicate with the healthcare provider through the platform, so that it is easy and simple even for the older ages who lack technological knowledge. We have adapted the International Protocols to our application, so that they are integrated structured designs that facilitate the shaping of the final image of the user. Continuous distinctions such as Hacking Health 2019, MIT medicine 2019 and HackCorona Greece led to collaborations with private medical service companies, as well as with a well-known multinational Travel Insurance Company.

What we learned

Through this application we have cultivated a sense of solidarity, support and mutual aid to people who need it. Through the humanitarian crisis that is going on all over the world, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed a structured system that can interact and offer Teleconferencing - Help Services from Health Providers of all specialties, thus contributing to the effort to reduce its spread. Intensive monitoring and evaluation of chronic sufferers and protection of vulnerable groups. It made us wiser about the needs and shortcomings of the health system in our country and the ways needed to develop and create an ecosystem to prevent, diagnose, treat, monitor and manage health and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, technology has entered the lives of most people in a violent way, especially at older ages. New concepts have emerged such as autotriage, but no automated questionnaire can make a diagnosis. Of all the systems, the final assessment and responsibility is made by the doctor and we make sure to give him the tools to do it quickly and correctly. We have learned to treat the CORONA virus as a nation and to be rewarded for it. Coronation.

What's next for CORONation

We look forward to creating solid cooperations with Healthcare providers, other innovative platforms or public services. We have more to learn and we believe that we have more to offer! The Healthcare providers can use our data to create better services and we can use them to reach more people. A cooperation between us and others with similar ideas can lead to a better approach to the solution of this problem.

  • Synchronization of Coronation with wearable medical devices for automatic recording of vital and immediate evaluation by health providers.
  • Interaction and synchronization with other applications and systems in order to automatically synchronize the user's medical history in old and new applications. International Patient Summary IPS.

The value of our solution even after the crisis

Coronation has been created to respond to every disease. Telecommunications capabilities continue to be provided to Coronation for the monitoring of chronic diseases, utilization by elderly care units, hospitals, clinics, etc. with the provision of qSOFA, mSOFA, APACHE II and other protocols and algorithms..

Direct use by insurance companies and tourism. Coronation is a "golden health card" for moving populations from country to country. For the fields of Medical Tourism, Travel Assistance and Immigration, it is considered a necessary tool for the immediate provision of health services and evaluation of symptoms from anywhere. Hotel units and the tourism industry in general are now required to have one through quality control, evaluation and health providers.

Adapted to Medical Needs. It adapts to the needs of each medical specialty. It is an important tool for remote and systematic monitoring of their incidents. With the possibility of teleconsultation and automatic algorithm utilization, it is easy to create new findings and protocols for each disease separately.

Necessities in order to continue our project

CORONation has been launched in collaboration with an insurance agency on a sample of 80,000 people. The need for developers and structures such as servers is one of the immediate needs. The financial support from organizations for its expansion in other countries and of course the participation of telephony providers and government agencies for the immediate notification of the entire population are also very important.

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posted an update

We are happy to announce that the CORONation will be adopted and run by a municipality in Sartana, Mariupol in Ukraine! After long discussions with we came to an agreement to start operating in early May. E.S.O. is a humanitarian non-profit organization based in Mariupol, Ukraine. It operates on two main pillars, the first in the voluntary offer and the second in the development - social-educational – cultural – medical – environmental - technical support and legal counseling. Their goal is to design and implement humanitarian actions, in communication and education for self-esteem, extroversion of problems, development of a spirit of solidarity, support of vulnerable social groups.

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posted an update


Coronation through an interactive heatmap provides information based on the location and the symptoms. The system informs and enables the responsible organizations in order to be able to regulate area restrictions depending on the spread and gives them the ability to send group messages, updates and instructions to the residents of each area. The system will assess the patient's health status, analyzing and calculating his symptoms and vital signs using algorithms and protocols. We can also inform the patients about the available registered health providers (hospitals, doctors, etc.) close to them. All users have access to the heatmap and can see the thermal footprint of their area. The categorization of symptoms provided through the interactive map allows the collection of statistics and information and gives us the ability to take immediate actions.

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