There is no easy accessible and logic displayed data source for statistics on infected people, deaths and/ or recovered cases. An App is the most suitable solution for this problem.

What it does

Display necessary data on COVID-19 per country.

How we built it

Using Flutter, we are able to build a one code solution for Apple, Android and even desktop devices.

Challenges we ran into

-Which data source to choose -Getting familiar with a new programming language -Getting the app live, because of Apple & Googles policy regarding the corona topic. Still no solution...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-get data from api and align correctly and responsive

What we learned

-Flutter -Wrapping widget around widget around widget around widget :D

What's next for CoronaTicker

Next Implementations: -show statistic on daily/ weekly/ monthly development -show graphs -divide between areas (Federal States) -integrate Mapview with clusters

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