According to the W.H.O, 6.15 million people in the world have contracted the novel Covid-19 disease and 374,000 people have died of Covid-19. A newly revised study shows that over 147,000 Americans will die of Covid-19 by early August. Many senior citizens and many immunocompromised people need to get essential goods, but they can’t expose themselves to the Covid-19. There are many teenagers trying to help and get volunteer hours, but don’t know how to do it, especially during the Covid-19 shelter-at-home order.

What it does

CoronaShop is a free delivery service for senior citizens and immunocompromised people served by teen volunteers. CoronaShop works in two parts - Firstly, it provides senior citizens/ immune-compromised people an easy way to get groceries/other essential items delivered to their home free of charge while not getting exposed to Covid-19. Secondly It allows teenagers to earn volunteer hours by picking up items from stores and delivering them to at-risk people . By using CoronaShop, we can help reduce hospitalizations and help health care workers from being overwhelmed.

How we built it

For the purpose of Geom Hacks, instead of a mobile app, we developed a website using HTML, CSS and javascript. Later this week, we plan to build an app in Swift and Xcode as well.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into were customizing CreativeTim to be applicable for CoronaShop. We ran into trouble when we were mapping the button layout. Finally, we ran into problems scripting some functions in javascript because it was our first time doing something so big with an unknown website, CreativeTim.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We designed and developed 10 pages for our website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and material design icons. We did some scripting as well to show some features work. We used custom features from CreativeTim Material Kit PRO showing how material design looks like.

What we learned

We first started building CoronaShop using regular HTML and our own css files. But we wanted to build a really good UI. We got to know of Creative Tim Material Kit Pro which provides a UI Kit inspired by Material Design. Not only did we use this kit, we customized it as well and learnt a lot about stylesheets and scripting.

What's next for CoronaShop

We plan to expand our app by increasing the area of delivery to a national standpoint. Then our ultimate goal is to go global. This will allow us to help all the old and at-risk people to get through seasons and times when illness is rampant in our world. We hope the world will be much safer and illness will not take the lives of our at-risk friends and family.

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