Pandemic SARS-CoV-2 is the main determinant of fear in people and whole countries, conditioning political, economical and social decisions all over the world. In medical terms this condition sees millions of asymptomatic people infected with SARS-CoV-2 only some of them develop mild simptoms and only few (but still thousands) of them can develop the scariest form of the COVID-19 with pulmonary insufficiency bringing respiratory insufficiency ending with death or severe pulmonary reliquates.

The problem is that nowadays not so much is known about SARS-CoV-2 especially about its interaction with some particular patients, also healthy patients, destabilizing the human body first with a mild viral infection, subsequently with massive inflammatory and non-inflammatory response. A deep comprehension of virus interactions with patients, drugs and condition is nowadays of central importance. Now only small and "old-fashioned" studies are conducted. I am a Medical Doctor in a Cardiology department in Northern Italy and I can say that in this case is not only important if you are infected or not by SARS-CoV-2 but it is of central if you develop a severe interstitial pneumonia or not. So the question is to understand the reason why In thery similar to what happened to the myocardial infarction where is not central if you have a atherosclerosis but if you develop a myocardial infarction.The so-called Framingham study for the first time revealed risk factors and protective factors regarding ischemic cardiopathy. About COVID-19 some patients seem to be more predisposed to develop a severe respiratory distress till ending to death. This idea stands for creation of a worldwide database of COVID-19 positive patients with punctual but strategic informations whose interpratation can give a valid help into fight against virus. Importance is to get unite in order to achieve all togheter victory against this "Bastard".

What it does

The idea is to build a digital platform where COVID-19 positive patients or their caretakers can insert symptoms togheter with concomitant pathologies and chronic drugs of each subject. If this subject is then hospitalyzed . A Medical Doctor can fulfill this form in just 2-3 minutes, after that patient can progressively enter eventual onset of new symptoms or how the symptoms progress thus informing their caretakers, which can so have a rapid view of their patients' conditions. It is so built a dataset made up by anonymized strategic, clinical and behavioural data of COVID-19 positive patients which can be easily analyzed and computed with artificial intelligence in order to obtain rapidly indications about best therapeutic strategies.

How I built it

After consultation with general practitioners and intensivistswe identified the most important datas and checkpoint to best stratify patients at higher risk to experience an orotracheal intubation. This informations contain sex, age, race, chronic pathologies, but centrally chronic treatments and Medical operators (beginning from General Practitioners to hospital medical center people) can simply fulfill a form in just 2-3 minutes. Data so obtained will than be provided as anonymized and open access data so they can give a real contribute to the research against COVID-19.

Challenges I ran into

Once a right amount of data is collected, it is possible to obtain indications about protective factors and risk factors or conditions which can contribute to a worse progression of the disease. This knowledge is foundamental to fight this pandemic fear to receive an orotracheal intubation. The most important objective is to control symptoms in order to reduce orotracheal intubations' rate in COVID-19 positive patients with the final result to destress ICU in hospitals.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All the team members were happy to work together to build a better software and something that could improve and maybe give to the world a solution to defeat this "Bastard".

What's next Coronasafe

1-lSpreading information worldwide, better with an WHO support to track epidemiology of aunch of a marketing-social platform for the social project launch 2-Aid for communication by major digital information press 3-connection with the associations responsible for information, tourist, medical, transport and information points in the international arena 4-Project sharing with scientific associations, health and pharmaceutical institutions 5-Legal advice for the authorization part regarding the registration of the people and privacy policy 6-Collaboration with an expert in sociology and communication 7-Collaboration with an AI expert 8-Collaboration with e-learning expert 9-Financing of xxxxxxxx for the implementation of the project 10-Non-profit association for the long-term and sustainable management and maintenance of the project

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