COVID19 Tracking and Transparency systems put in place in Asian countries that have been part of a wide-ranging strategy to stem the outbreak. See

What it does

  1. Users can type in their location to view locations where confirmed COVID19 virus cases had visited prior to quarantine
  2. Patients can anonymously self-report their location history using an easy to use form in less than 5 minutes

How I built it

React, Firebase, and Google Maps API For the UI of the map, a custom marker is needed to highlight the risk of being in a particular infected zone. Using Location History with the help of Google Maps, Firebase, users location were logged on a map. Custom coloured markers were needed to highlight the risk level and time elapsed since visit to risk zone. Custom markers assets were created using Figma and wrote a script to filter the timestamp data and load the respective markers.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Growth - How to grow adoption of this site to achieve critical mass
  2. Verification - How to weed out bad actors from spamming the site
  3. Reach out to help several project owners and and resolve some of the pressing issues.
  4. Learning - Learned GraphQL, Gatsby, React Native in several days.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting people excited about this project and informing people about what other countries are doing.

What I learned

  1. That it is possible for a grass-roots movement to have an impact on society at large.
  2. Working on a different time zone, with different team members

What's next for

  • Finishing MVP
  • Working with government and public health officials on the verification problem
  • Working on a viral promotion strategy to raise awareness of the site
  • Adding filtering feature whereby user able to filter through their marker based on risk level
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