After having contracted coronavirus I've put my mindo into thinking what could be done to reduce the infection rate, and at least make you aware that you're in a corona risk zone. The human mind copes with risk to a certain extent and by making it aware of the issue begin nearby I hope that this is enough (or at least close to) to make it more prudent.

What it does

The application is just a social mapping for coronavirus, someone download the app and inform the current status (inform again as it changes) and it will be mapped into a geo based database to provide awareness. The app will inform you of present cases and suspection of coronavirus in the area, given that people have informed that.

How I built it

Using Expo and Firebase

Challenges I ran into

1 - There is a future challenge: running costs, I may not be able to run it solo due to increased costs when the user base raises, so it will need a community effort at some point or means of sustain. 2 - Geofencing is a common challenge in those scenarios, we have to deal with distance discrepancies and gps precision issues, also the background tasks are a bit troublesome, but other than that, despite it begin my first expo project, it has a V1 already :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app is up and running and will be able to provide awareness if people download it!

What I learned

Expo is easier, but yarn brings some trouble alongside, always have a linux machine (or at least WSL) at hand

What's next for Coronamap

Improve the geofencing algorithym Improve the UI Find a cost effective solution that can hold it self Find business partners to make it available in other languages and keep it running

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