Freelancers, people that have to go and meet other people can check based on a phone number whether the person who they are going to meet might be infected. It would help to determine with some probability whether the person is infected or not.

What it does

The app checks contacts of a contact into the level 1 depth so far. Based on that three states are determined:

  • clear, a person who does not have any touch with infected people based on his phone book

    • friendsInfected, a person who has in his list somebody who is positive, therefore there is a risk that this person might also get infected
    • infected, a person who was tested positive for COVID-19

How I built it

I built my API with Vapor3 and iOS app that communicates with the backend. It is still WIP. I also design it in AdobeXD before I start building it.

Challenges I ran into

The contacts check algorithm, developing fancy UI for the mobile app and a stable communication in between the backend and the iOS part

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The POC works!

What I learned

Technologies I am working with are very familiar to me. However, I had to do some data manipulation where I learned a bit more about SQL imports, also doing backend related stuff takes me always long time.

What's next for Coronalytics

Make it production-ready

Built With

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