In USA almost 20% of elderly people are in active work group and living pay check to pay check; while they are at high risk group but don't have option to stay home and be safe and considering this is such a severe problem; It's our responsibility as a citizen to help elderly or other vulnerable member of society by providing them physical and moral support. e.g. Help them ordering food. Help them ordering grocery, bring their grocery etc.

Many organizations and individuals are willing to help but don't have the infrastructure ready to support volunteer work. Our platform is one where individuals can find and offer volunteer services.

e.g. Request can make a request either through Free hotline number or if they are putting request through website. it get broadcasted to all the volunteers in same area and vice-versa if volunteer is offering help it get broadcasted to all the requestor in same area. e.g. If someone looking help to bring grocery and if someone is in market and willing to help.

Key Feature of platform-

  • For elderly -
    • Easy to navigate web interface
    • Provide Free hotline number to call and request for help
    • Provide website to go and request for help
    • Call back feature
    • Monitor progress of request
    • Able to broadcast - if they are looking for help
  • For Volunteers/Organization
    • Free hotline number
    • Able to set his/her schedule or for volunteers
    • Able to receive text if they miss any call
    • Able to track all the request make through website
    • Call back feature
    • Able to schedule
    • Able to broadcast - if they are offering help

We have used AWS technology to build our solution -e.g. Amazon Connect - To build low cost call center. DynamoDB - To store customer

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