Who we are?

When the first effects of the corona pandemic began to be felt in Germany, we saw a great willingness to help the community in many different ways. Yet this help has benn very uncoordinated. That is why we launched the CoronaHelfer project as part of the global hackathon. CoronaHelper.net is a platform that brings volunteers and help- seekers together to face the challenges of our reality together:

A few examples

One of our team members, Benni, was lying in bed with a sore throat and fever until last friday. He doesn´t know whether it was the Covid-19 or just a “simple” flu. Benni is a student and lives on his own, and even though he doesn´t belong to the high risk group he is still afraid to infect others if he needs to leave his apartment to stock up on supplies.

Josephine is event manager and has had to cancel all planned events since the Covid-19 outbreak, so she cannot practice her profession for the time being. Josephine heard the reports from Italy, which deeply touched her, and wants to actively contribute to slowing down the spread of the virus. However, she is uncertain how best to help.

Irina is a member of CoronaHelper and lives 600 km from her family. Helping her family in these time of crisis and the lockdown restrictions while living 600 km apart is almost impossible. Video chats are good for the soul, but they do not put food on the table. Irina would be happy to know that her parents – who belong to the high risk group have access to help locally.

Our Solution

These are only three examples out of many millions. CoronaHelper will soon be the networking platform for neighborly care and social warmth in times of social distancing. Whether you need fresh vegetables or childcare during the day, simply create a request for help on our website. Your helpful neighbors will see your need and will contact you via chat message. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Choose the most trustworthy person and call them to discuss all the details. You decide what information you want to disclose and to ensure we flatten the curve, we will give you an overview of what you need to be aware of if you come into contact with other people.

Our added value

Our amazing team is a diverse group of about 20 creative minds, designers and programmers from all over Germany. We got to know each other through the #WirVsVirus Hackathlon of the German government from March 20th to 23rd and various other events. Our different backgrounds enrich us with all kinds of valuable perspectives:

The desire to protect people in these difficult times is what unites us all.

When we connect strangers to strangers, we have a great responsibility, which we do not neglect - especially in times of crisis! For us, this starts with data protection, server location and user verification processes. It extends to physical contact, for example in how courier services are offered, up to the prevention of criminal assault. For us it is of the utmost importance to avoid any damage to occur in the first place. This is one of the reasons why we use self-programmed structures and environments to implement our services. We do not use quick fixes like Google forms or website construction kits. Only in this way can we shape and scale our project flexibly according to our!

In order not to exclude people without internet access from our offer, there is the possibility for users to print out prefilled leaflets and volunteer as contact person. In addition, we offer institutions and associations the possibility to create special accounts to act as a structural and reliable telephone gateway to our platform.

As a person seeking help, I would like to find - via a credible website - competent helpers from the surrounding area who can help me in my current situation. Personally, I want to be able to trust that my request will be handled responsibly and safely. What I can offer in return? Respect and gratitude! #TeamCoronaHelper

As a helper, I would like to be able to see requests for help from the neighbourhood in a simple and intuitive way, so that I can effectively support them. My motivation? To show solidarity with my neighbours, because: Sharing is caring! #TeamCoronaHelper

We, as Team CoronaHelfer.eu say, every helping hand is important. In times of crisis, let us not leave the people in need or the distressed alone. It's time for a digital assistance platform that reaches the target group in the end!

Who do we need in our team to go on?

  • 1 Frontend Developer (Vue.js)
  • 1x UX/UI (German Speaking cause its pretty hard in that area for non native eng speakers in that area)
  • 1x Backend Developer (NodeJS)
  • 1x Video Specialist for our presentation. Sound is already done.
  • 1x DevOPS (Kubernetes and Helm Specialist)


Friday 20th of March

Concept development and concretization
Sponsor acquisition and recruiting

Frontend: Deciding on using React

Backend: Deciding on using NodeJs
Setup of the Boilerplate framework

Samstag 21th of March

Completing the conception process
Formulation of texts and advice on behavior
Sponsor acquisition and recruiting
Server configuration

Frontend: Dependencies
Building basic components
Login & session-management

Backend: Database models for users and help requests
Controller and API routes
Interactions (create, search, offer help, accept help)

Sunday 22th of March

Social-Media presence
Server configuration

Frontend: Building functions and pages

Backend: Data anonymization
Registering through Mail/Telephone
Exchange of contact info

Friday 24th of April

Started Hacking
SocialMedia presence for the EU Hackathon

Frontend: Redesign Profile

Saturday 25th of April

Hack the Crisis Luxembourg Top10

Frontend: Implement Multilingual Features
Started redesigning the SearchPage

Sunday 26th of April


Next Steps

Networking with organizations and municipalities

Google-Maps integration
Report and bann functionality
Leaflets for printing
Accounts for institutions

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Amazing project where communication, challenge, coordination connects in a community of helping each other . The concept is developing based on the needs of today and the time after Covid-19 - collaboration is a life style and not a need , Our project develops in a coordinated concept

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