The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a devastating impact on restaurants in Seattle. Because of this, we wanted to create a simple website that gives people who want to support these restaurants, a fun and safe way to do so.

What it does

Along with an interactive map showing over 2000 local restaurants along with up-to-date coronavirus metrics, CoronaEats has a random button, which sends the user to the website of a random Seattle-area restaurant. This offers the user a fun way to discover and support their next favorite spot.

How I built it

CoronaEats uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript along with the Custom GoogleMaps API

Challenges I ran into

Most of the challenges we ran into were primarily related to cleaning up data. Some parts of the datasets we were using were either incomplete or missing and being able to sort those out was an important part of the project

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I, personally(Tesfa) am proud of the work I did to build the script that fetches the random restaurant. I did not have much Javascript experience so this was a great opportunity to learn.

We also had a lot of fun designing the logo and the UI as a team.

What I learned

What's next for CoronaEats

Writing some sort of script to continuously update the COVID-19 data would be the next obvious step in my opinion. We wanted to do this today but the GoogleMaps API is hard to work with and other available map APIs that we could continuously update, were either expensive or had little features.

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