I got inspiration for this project when my family wanted to order take out so we can support our local businesses. However, this prompted the issue of where it would be safe to get our essentials since we will be risking the chance of getting COVID19 during the transaction.

What it does

Our solution to this problem was to create a tool that can be used to locate a restaurant or a store in the area using google maps. Not only it gives you locations of stores it ranks the locations on a scale depending on the amount of COVID19 cases in that area. The idea being that the user is able to find a store/restaurant that is in a area with low COVID19 cases and to go their instead of going to somewhere with a higher amount of COVID19 cases, which reduces the statistical likelihood of becoming infected with COVID19.

How I built it

We built Safe-Eats by using JavaScript, HTML, google cloud platform, and the use of publicly available data on the current pandemic.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into several challenges during this project such as finding a reliable, accurate and updated dataset for the current statistics on the pandemic. We also ran into a couple of bugs in the code and some issues when it came to using Geo-location.At first we wanted to make something that was the city level but that was difficult there being no data that precise enough, so we decided to expand it to the county level which also benefited us in the long run because we were than able to make use of our tool in a much wider variety of locations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishments that we are proud of is that we developed a working tool that is easy for anyone to use that can hopefully reduce the rate of infection during this pandemic.

What I learned

Somethings that we learned during this project was the usage of API’s and geomapping. We also learned some things about developing with different programing languages that we did not know before.

What's next for Safe-Eats

Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and that we wont need to use a tool like this whenever we need to leave to get the essentials, but as of now the COVID19 crisis is not going anywhere soon and because of that we intend on adding more features such as online ordering, payment, and delivery tracking.

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