I've known about the Godot game engine for a while, and have been looking at other options for game development beyond my native platform, Roblox Studio, but I never made anything proper with it. I decided to take this hackathon as an opportunity to make a game around the pandemic and highlight how socioeconomic conditions can affect how one braves through this uncertain time.


Although I have some experience with other coding languages, learning an entire game engine in the span of 12 hours is not easy. Godot utilizes a node and scene system, which is versatile but was quite complicated to wrap my head around.

What's next

After the hackathon ends, I plan to continue working on CoronAdventure. It's my first proper game and there are several things that I would like to get done, namely:

  • More random events, options for the player to explore
  • Proper textures and UI
  • Optimization of code to improve performance

Built With

  • gdscript
  • godot
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