We started our brainstorming with ideas on how we could spread education to all, and make it more accessible. After a few conversations and clashes, we decided to shift our focus towards a more coronavirus oriented project, which led us to coronadotcom. Coronadotcom started off as an idea targeted towards schools to educate them on how to safely bring students back to school. After a few more conversations, we decided that wasn’t the best idea because we aren’t the most qualified to spread that information. Rather, we chose a route thats main goal was to spread awareness on only the most factual coronavirus concerns and debunk false claims.

What it does

Our website's main objective is to offer only the most factual coronavirus updates in a clear and concise way. We provide a tool for countries to learn what works and what does not to control the spread.

How we built it

The main languages we used were html5, javascript, and css3. We laid out our frame with html5 and styled it with bootstrap 4. After the frame completed, we styled the page and made it very user friendly with css3 and bootstrap . The Around the World page was created using an open source JavaScript library for interactive maps, Leaflet. Using the library, we created a map with pinpoints on various countries, listing the number or COVID-19 cases, deaths, and how they are combatting the pandemic.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into as a team were that we unorganized and inexperienced at the start of the hackathon. Throughout the hackathon, we had to Google how to use Leaflet, an open source library. We also had trouble with bootstrap and css not displaying our text and media correctly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By far, the accomplishment we are most proud of is the map. Not only is the map interactive, but it has the # of cases and how safe each country is. We think the map aligns especially with education primarily due to our website proving what countries are doing well, and what strategies are working well to learn from. Another accomplishment we are proud of is the UI of coronadotcom. Our vision of the website was minimalism along with concise information to help improve awareness, and frankly, we reached that goal.

What we learned

Our team learned how to tackle projects together. This was our first hackathon together, and we were a little discombobulated at the beginning. As the hours went by, we learned how to work together, split tasks, and work efficiently. As novices, we learned more advanced css, like animating text and buttons with css and using open source libraries, like Leaflet.

What's next for coronadotcom

As we learn more about the novel virus, we will continue to update this page as it will prove to be beneficial to those who are in dire need of only the most factual information.

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