Nathan Hartley

Jose Morales

Jarrod Ragsdale

Patrick Valadez

How We Did It

This app utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) through IBeacon and Core Location libraries.

This is for the general track.

Anyone who downloads this app will have their Unique User Identifier (UUID) set so that anyone else who has downloaded this app will be alerted if someone enters a certain radius to ensure social distancing.

A news feed is also provided thanks to so that users can stay informed and educated in the turbulent times we find ourselves in.

The news feed is stored and sorted using JSON parsing in swift, thanks to the swiftyjson repository.


The goal of our project is to promote social health and awareness so that we can all try and practice living healthier lives during this pandemic. We added some tongue and cheek music too! We find it important to have some lighthearted fun in these trying times.

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