The Problem

>> Ignorance How are sick children in Brazilian favelas coping with corona? What happens if the pandemic heavily hits South Sudan? We easily forget about the situation of people in faraway places and mentally distance ourselves from their fates.

>> Being Overwhelmed Can I really do something to reduce the expected damage to my country due to Covid-19? Wouldn’t I be too insignificant to change anything? In times of fear and uncertainty we may be quick to give up.

>> Thinking within National Frontiers What happens to society and the economy as the pandemic reaches many more countries? It is rare that so many countries face the same challenge: dealing with the corona crisis and finding solutions.

Our Vision

A world where people support and learn from one another in overcoming the current challenge.

>> Compassion instead of Ignorance

The individual is in the spotlight --- By sharing stories of people from around the world, we create empathy. Everyone will understand: Corona affects all of us equally, and we as a global community must share the responsibility, in particular to ensure that people immediately receive the support they need.

>> Self-Efficacy instead of Being Overwhelmed

Everyone can take action and make a change --- Collecting successful actions taken worldwide and showing their impact will make you see: You, too, can do something. It’s time for you to become active!

>> Global Solidarity instead of Thinking within National Frontiers

Joint learning instead of collective failure --- By telling the stories of people affected and successful actions, we take a stance for global learning and global solidarity.

Our Mission

Our concept is based on a psychologically grounded project idea. We improved the concept together with friends from all over the world. Our goal is to fight for global justice by showing new perspectives beyond our filter bubble and to make sharing of experiences beyond national frontiers possible.

Our Solution

CoronAction is an information platform for people from all countries worldwide who want to take action and overcome the corona crisis. It features stories of people who are affected by the spread of the corona virus and successful actions from all over the globe - with compassion and self-efficacy towards global solidarity.

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Stories: We share personal stories of people worldwide who are affected by the spread of the novel corona virus. This way, we give a voice to those who are seldom heard and frequently forgotten. In showing their perspectives, we put individuals and their personal stories in the spotlight and promote a sense of global connectedness.

Actions: We share stories about successful actions worldwide. These actions inspire and give hope in times of fear and uncertainty. We help people find best practices and useful tips, thus encouraging them to do something similar themselves.

Action Gap, Scientific Foundation and Impact

Close the Gap: In countries like Germany, calls for citizens to engage are getting louder: Many interesting initiatives are launched, but it's difficult to keep an overview. In industrial countries, media coverage of personal stories of people affected by the corona virus often focuses on people in geographical proximity. International networking and exchange of experiences to support each other is rarely happening.

Scientific Foundation: Scientific papers from Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Political Psychology clearly show : The only way to cope with uncertainty is to once again feel connected to other humans (social need) and to experience one's ability to act and control (epistemic need). With compassion and self-efficacy to own actions - that's the psychological concept behind CoronAction.

Impact: We develop the information platform for two target groups: The first target group are humans worldwide and especially from countries of the Global South who are interested in more information about the situation of affected people in other countries. As a second target group we want to reach individuals, groups and organisations around the globe who are motivated to put own actions into practice but are missing knowledge about 'how'. By collecting stories and actions, we enable multipliers to bring their own actions tosuccess without big effort, to build local empowering support structures, and thus to avoid a serious spread of the corona virus.

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